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Learn how to build, manage and grow your company’s finances. Run your business without bottom-line concerns, plan a successful budget and optimize your ROI with our support.
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    Create a successful budget For your business to succeed, clearly your revenues have to be higher than your costs. Setting clear objectives for sales and spending is critical. So is carefully monitoring your actual expenses and revenue against your forecast. Register or log in to learn how
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    Raise financing You have the skills, the plan and the passion to set up your own business. But do you have enough capital? Typically new businesses need some form of financial assistance. Do you? Register or log in to know more
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    Control costs Every business has to control costs in order to hang on to earnings in a tough economy. The best way is to establish good habits, set up rules and stick to them. Register or log in to find out how
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    Manage cash flow Managing and forecasting cash flow is critical to business success. All the sales and deliveries in the world won't matter if you can't collect. Poor cash flow management is one of the top reasons good businesses fail. Register or log in for more information
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    Collect cash For small businesses in particular, every bit of revenue counts. Good customers make all your hard work worthwhile, but unfortunately, not all customers are the same Sometimes you have to chase down payments. Register or log in to read more
  • Story of electricians: Indonesia To an electrician like 32-year-old Ismail Mubarokah, a Schneider Electric partner, the role offers more rewards than risks. Apart from the achievement he has made in his career, he has also gained a vital support system – his family – along his way.

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