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Industrial Automation and Control

PLC, PAC and Dedicated Controllers

PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) has become the soul of industrial automation as it is the hardware component directly in contact with the field instruments. It gives the access to control and monitor the array of connected machinery and the software system integrated with it. The PLC system can work with a variety of communication protocols like data conversions, i/o interfacing, signal processing, etc. The system is user programmable, i.e., you can set triggers on different parameters like temperature, liquid level, opening or closing of valves, etc. It can be used in the simplest of devices like garage doors to the complex systems like a powerhouse.

Software Suite

PLC, PAC Controllers

Modicon M580 - ePac Controller - Ethernet Programmable Automation controller & Safety PLC

Ethernet Programmable Automation & Safety PLC for process, high availability & safety stand-alone solutions. Modicon M580 ePAC is the controller which can help hybrid manufacturers achieve better, measurable*, earlier ROI and Up to 100% returns on their project investments in less than three months.

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Modicon M340

Mid range PLC for industrial process and infrastructure. -

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EcoStruxure™ Control Expert

IEC Programming Software for Modicon PACs. EcoStruxure Control Expert (formerly known as Unity Pro) is a unique software platform to increase design productivity and performance of your Modicon M340, M580, Momentum, Premium, Quantum and Quantum Safety applications.

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Modicon Premium

Large PLC for Discrete or Process applications and high availability solutions. PLC for manufacturing processes

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Modicon Quantum

Large PLC for Process applications, high availability & safety solutions. PLC for process applications

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Modicon X80 I/Os

The common platform of modules for Modicon M580, Quantum Ethernet I/O and M340 PAC. All modules with X80 form factor: backplane, power supply, I/O digital, I/O analog, communication, expert, etc.

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Modicon Libraries

Libraries integrate industry best practice, which accelerates the development of your project and saves significant time configuring an engineering application. The design and maintenance of an Modicon based control system can be greatly simplified using Modicon libraries. These libraries are available as stand-alone components for the Modicon controller range (M580, M340, Quantum, Premium) or in combination with our HMI offers (Citect or Wonderware System Platform). The libraries are part of our EcoStruxure Hybrid DCS offer and have been extensively used internally and at numerous sites.

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Controllers (PLC and PAC) for Industrial Machines

Modicon Easy M100

Logic controllers - For simple machines up to 40 I/O. Modicon Easy M100 logic controllers: the cost-effective and easy solution to sequential control needs for your simple machines up to 40 I/O

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Modicon Easy M200

Logic controllers - Up to 168 I/O, 2 axis motion control. Modicon Easy M200 logic controllers: the best performance/price ratio solutions for your small automation systems requiring flexibility and simple motion.

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EcoStruxure™ Machine Expert

A single software environment. EcoStruxure Machine Expert (formerly known as SoMachine) saves engineering time through intuitive machine programming with one of the most modern and powerful tool-based software concepts on the market

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Modicon TSX Micro

Compact, modular PLC up to 484 I/O. Compact, modular PLC for OEM machine builders, with up to 484 I/O

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IEC Programming Software for Micro and Premium. Programming software for Micro and Premium.

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Magelis SCU

Cut out free HMI controller. Magelis SCU controller delivers adequate functionality for control of small machines and simple processes, while saving up to 30% in installation and ownership costs

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Logic Controller - Modicon M221

For hardwired architectures. Achieve benchmark performance while increasing profitability with the Modicon M221 logic controller, the most complete controller in the new Modicon range

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Logic Controller - Modicon M241

For performance-demanding applications. Achieve benchmark performance and embedded motion with the Modicon M241 logic controller, the most communicative controller on the market thanks to 5 embedded communication ports

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Logic Controller - Modicon M251

For modular and distributed architectures. Increase flexibility, while saving space in your cabinet with the Modicon M251 logic controller for modular and distributed architectures.

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PacDrive 3 LMC Eco / Pro / Pro 2

For automating machines/lines with 0 - 130 servo or robot axes. .

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Logic controller - Modicon M258

42 to 2400 I/O, 0.022 µs per Instruction. 30% saving time in assembly, wiring and commissioning

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PacDrive 3

A complete automation solution for motion centric machines. -

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Modicon LMC058/LMC078

for coordinated, synchronised and interpolated motion control. A full range of scalable controllers to design all your applications, thanks to a single software suite, SoMachine, including the same Motion Libraries based on PLCopen, Embedded I/O, and numerous field buses.

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Magelis XBT GC, GT

Basic HMI panel with 18 to 96 I/O. A compact and flexible HMI controller range delivering you up to 15% savings on design, setup, operation and maintenance

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Distributed I/O

Modicon OTB

IP20 optimum modular I/O system, for simple machines (up to 248 I/Os). Simply optimum !

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Modicon ETB

IP 67 modular distributed I/O for Ethernet. IP67-rated I/O modules that connect to Ethernet.

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Modicon Momentum

Controller and IP20 monoblock I/Os for distributed control architecture. Control and distributed I/O system with 4 fundamental components that easily snap together in various combinations to form versatile control systems or sub-systems

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IEC Programming Software for Quantum and Momentum. Programming software for Quantum, Momentum, and Atrium

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Modicon Momentum for Unity

Entry Level Unity PLC . Momentum for Unity offers a simple, low cost, low risk, hardware migration path to Unity for Momentum customers moving from Concept or Proworx as an Ethernet PLC ideal for small applications.

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Modicon STB

IP20 modular distributed I/O. IP20 distributed I/Os, for distributed connection to sensors and actuators from a PLC with prefabricated cables

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Modicon TM7 IP67 modular I/O system

IP67 distributed I/O Digital and/or Analog. Flexible and scalable, designed to work in harsh environment.

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Modicon TM5 IP20 modular I/O system

Up to 2400 distributed I/O Digital and/or Analog. Flexible and scalable, designed for complex machines.

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Modicon TM3

Flexible I/O expansion modules for Modicon controllers. Boost the performance of your controller with the Modicon TM3 I/O system specially designed for the Modicon M221, M241 and M251 logic controllers!

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Controllers (PLC) for Commercial Machines

Safety Controllers and Modules

Controllers for Dedicated Applications