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Industrial Automation and Control

Telemetry and Remote SCADA Systems

While in the age of Internet of Things, connectivity has brought about a significant revolution in the automation industry. The connected devices are now integrated with software solutions to access and monitor the working of industrial parts. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition is the process to acquire the data, process the functioning of the machine equipment and thereafter process the input to map with the output. The main aim is to check if the processes are aligned and introduce corrective measures if the output is not optimised. Operations of SCADA Systems include industrial processes like manufacturing, power generation and fabrication Also, the advanced process control provides an edge over other control programs as it helps the system to program the function with infrastructural processes like wastewater treatment, fitting and functioning of gas pipelines, transmission and distribution of power in the system etc.

Smart RTU, rPAC and Data Logger

Pack 100, 300, 32

Modbus-centric Smart RTU. Range of compact Smart RTU combining capabilities of remote terminal units with the power of Programmable Logic Controller and designed to run in challenging remote environment. Optimised for Modbus-centric control and monitoring application in the most remote and challenging environments, the SCADAPack 100/300/32 range provides smart controller platform solutions with energy-efficiency, ruggedness and and cost-efficiency in mind.

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Pack 300E, ES

DNP3/IEC60870 centric Smart RTU. Range of compact Smart RTU combining capabilities of remote terminal units with the power of Programmable Logic Controller and designed to run in challenging remote environment. Supporting open event-driven protocols such as DNP3 and IEC 60870-5, the SCADAPack 300E and ES range provide a scalable controller platform that ensure end to end reliable and secure control and monitoring of remote asset in critical infrastructure.

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Pack 500E rPAC

Remote Programmable Automation Controller (rPAC) for telemetry. The first ever remote Programmable Automation Controller (rPAC) that combines the power of a PAC with the versatility of an RTU. Compliant with the relevant standards, it can operate remotely in harsh environments.

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Pack 50

Pack 50. Battery-powered wireless data logger that uses PDU format binary SMS messages over GSM systems. Combination of analog, digital and modbus inputs available.

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Foxboro RTUs

Foxboro SCD2200 and Foxboro Evo SCD6000 — world-class RTUs providing remote communications for efficient, cost-effective process automation. Schneider Electric’s Foxboro SCD2200 and Foxboro Evo SCD6000 are world-class RTUs — providing SCADA remote communications for efficient, cost-effective process automation. Modular construction and advanced features offer fast, easy and reliable configuration and operation in demanding applications.

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SAGE Remote Terminal Units

For reliable and secure remote terminal data, today and tomorrow. Enhanced Network Telemetry for the Smart Grid

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Data Radios

Flow Measurement

Flow Measurement

Gas Flow Measurement. Flexible electronic flow measurement solutions for Upstream Production and Midstream including Transmitters and Gas Flow Computers

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Battery-powered wireless sensor networks. Fully integrated, battery-powered, rapid-deploy wireless instrumentations for measuring and monitoring data in challenging environments.

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Flow and density measurement of liquid, gas and steam. With a 100-year tradition of excellence and innovation in flow measurement, the Foxboro by Schneider Electric brand of magnetic, vortex and Coriolis technologies and accessories offers a complete breadth of accurate, reliable and worry-free flowmeter solutions.

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Intelligent Buoyancy Transmitters and Radar solutions for Level measurement . Radar and Buoyancy Transmitters that provide level measurement solutions in a variety of process applications.

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Pressure transmitters and accessories. For the past 100+ years, Foxboro has been providing the most reliable and highest quality pressure measurement devices in the industry. With recent innovative advances such as our patented FoxCal technology (utilizing multiple calibration curves), Foxboro guarantees you the lowest cost of ownership, enhanced plant productivity/availability, reduce inventory requirements and provides unsurpassed performance accuracy for gauge, absolute and differential pressure measurement even at high turndowns.

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Foxboro Temperature Transmitters, Sensors and Thermowells. Foxboro Temperature Transmitters, Sensors and Thermowells are provided with the highest quality and reliability for a complete temperature measurement solution.

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Process Liquid Analytical

Sensors, analyzers and transmitters for on-line liquid analytical measurements. Sensors, analyzers and transmitters for on-line measurements of pH, ORP, ion selective electrode activity, conductivity, resistivity and dissolved oxygen.

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Remote SCADA Software

Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system is a control system that consists of control network interfaces, input/output, communication equipment and software. SCADA systems are used to monitor and control the equipment in the industrial process which includes manufacturing, production, development and fabrication. Operations can be monitored and controlled by SCADA software are – 1) Electric power generation to detect the flow of electricity and monitor proper functioning of circuit breakers, power grids etc. 2) Control and monitor the functioning of building and other related facilities like refrigeration, entry and exit system, lighting etc. 3) It can also regulate industrial automation and monitor processes like quality control, robots etc. The SCADA software gives real-time information and analytics from different system components connected to the internet. Also, the system is easily expandable. Therefore, any number of control units and sensors can be added according to the requirement.

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