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Medium Voltage Distribution and Grid Automation

Grid Automation and SCADA Software

We are a leader in Grid Automation and SCADA Software, with our Advanced Distribution Management System and Outage Management Systems being instrumental in helping you to make smarter and better-informed distribution and network decisions. Our SCADA and Geographic Information Software is designed to be a robust and flexible solution for utilities, water and oil and gas whilst our design and operational data systems offer increased workflow efficiency for your engineers.

Advanced Distribution Management System

Outage Management System

Metering and Operational Data System

Graphic Work Design System

Field Mobility

Engineering Analysis Tools

Telecommunications Network Management

Geographic Information System (GIS)

EcoStruxure™ ArcFM

More Reliable Intelligence with Utility GIS. Make Effective Decisions Faster

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EcoStruxure™ ArcFM Mobile

Optimizes efficiency and accuracy of field work. Flexible solution for field mobility workflows

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EcoStruxure™ ArcFM Web

For improved accuracy and productivity. Flexible web environment for the ArcFM™ Solution

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EcoStruxure™ ArcFM Designer

Better network designs, greater workflow efficiency. Streamline your engineering process from design to install.

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EcoStruxure™ ArcFM Designer Express

An alternative for engineers who don’t want to be slowed down by too much information. Draw quickly and add the details later with Schneider Electric's Designer Express

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EcoStruxure™ ArcFM Responder

A Smarter way to deal with outages. Detect, locate, and respond to outages faster

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EcoStruxure™ ArcFM Fiber Manager

Map, design, report, plan, and manage your communications network. Make your asset management system as advanced as your network

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EcoStruxure™ ArcFM Wavepoint

Share your fiber optic network data with all levels of users, across your organization. Securely manage your fiber optic network — from anywhere

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EcoStruxure™ ArcFM Conduit Manager

Underground facility management tool. Support revenue-generating activities with reliable information

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ArcFM™ Viewer with Redliner Extension

Efficiently integrate field-sourced redlining and sketching. Streamlines enterprise integration of field-sourced redlining and sketching

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ArcFM™ Viewer

Enterprise query and display tool. Makes facility and asset database information available, efficiently, to users across the utility

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Network Adapter

Integrated analysis solution. Supports fast analysis, engineering decisions, IT efficiency

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Responder Mobile

Get information to the field, and from the field, during outages. Get outage information to the people who need it most: your field crews.

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ArcFM for Utilities

More Reliable Intelligence with Utility GIS. Your Corner of the Smart Grid Starts Here

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EcoStruxure™ ArcFM OHDA

A comprehensive tool for more efficient engineering analysis. With EcoStruxure™ ArcFM OHDA (formerly known Overhead Design Analysis), you have tools that enable comprehensive design analysis and support regulatory compliance, all in a single solution.

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ArcFM™ Viewer with Inspector Extension

Keep representations of your network assets precise and up-to-date. -

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