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Building Automation and Control


Sensors and Meters

Temperature Sensors

Our wide range of room temperature sensors includes a series of wall modules optimized for public facilities such as office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools and shopping malls. . Schneider Electric temperature sensors incorporate state-of-the-art technology to ensure reliability and accuracy. Each temperature sensor is designed with the ability to work as part of a total control system, complimenting our building management systems and other HVAC controls. Like our other HVAC control products, Schneider Electric’s temperature sensors are engineered for fast and easy installation and operation.

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Humidity Sensors

Schneider Electric’s SHD, SHO and SHR humidity sensors are optimized for public facilities including: office buildings, hotels, hospitals and schools to help ensure building occupant comfort. Schneider Electric’s comprehensive range of humidity sensors are active sensors that measure relative humidity and convert the measurement into two selectable output signals. The SHR models have an embedded temperature sensing element

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Air Quality Sensors

Schneider Electric’s air quality sensors detect CO fluctuations in a defined space to help customers ensure building occupant comfort and safety. Schneider Electric’s air quality sensors detect CO fluctuations in a defined space to help customers ensure building occupant comfort and safety.

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Pressure Sensors

Schneider Electric’s portfolio of pressure sensing devices include models for both wet and dry media, as well as a series of electropneumatic transducers, known for their accuracy and versatility. . Schneider Electric one-piece EP Dry Pressure Sensor measure static, differential pressure or velocity in duct and panel applications. These devices have an IP65/NEMA 4 environmental rating and 5-year limited warranty. The new EP Digital Pressure Transducer with LED display and temperature compensation circuitry can be used in a wide range of gas, liquid, or solid applications to help drive efficiencies and lower HVAC costs.

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Current Sensors

Current sensors detect electric current in a wire, generating a proportional signal for measurement and control. As part of the connected device level of a building management system, current sensors help manage load in a wide variety of applications, helping to ensure occupant safety.

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HVAC Thermostats & Controllers

Wide range of devices for control of electric. Wide range of devices for control of electric, electronic, pneumatic system

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Flow Meters

Schneider Electric’s comprehensive range of fluid monitoring devices deliver precise flow and consumption, simplified installation, integration and maximum efficiency in a wide range of applications. Applications for liquid flow monitoring devices from Schneider Electric include measurement of flow rate and consumption. The many interface options include analog (i.e. 4-20 mA) as well as Modbus and BACnet protocols.

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