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Lexium 23 & Motors

Servo drives and servo motors from 100 W to 7.5 kW nominal power


Lexium 23 & Motors
  • Features

    Lexium 23 Servo Drive :
     0.1 to 7.5 KW,
     230 Volts Single Phase & 230 Volts 3 Phase Range,

    BCH Servo motors:
    0.3 to 48 Nm Torque Ratings,
    Available with Low, Medium & High Inertia Type Motors,

    Accurate Control:

    BCH servo motors are 3 phases synchronous motors.
    BCH motor are equipped with 2 ranges of high quality encoder.
                  The Lexium 23C Series is compatible with 10,000 Increment encoder; Lexium 23M is compatible with 20 bit encoder, allowing the Lexium 23M to be used on applications requiring high performance for material working, for example machine tools etc


    A combination of Lexium 23 Servo Drive & BCH servo motor has been tailor made to meet various motion control applications.

    Lexium 23 is a Powerful Servo Drive, which can be used, either in stand alone mode (with Digital I/O Control), or with External Position Controller.


    Material Handling,
    Assembly & Inspection machines,
    Printing & Packaging,
    Winding & Unwinding,
    Machine Tools.
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