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    Rotary encoders

    End of commercialisation

    Photoelectric encoders for all counting, position and speed data requirements

    • Features

      Incremental encoders:
      • Indication of the counted number of points per revolution
      Single-turn absolute encoders :
      • Indication of absolute position in one revolution
      Multi-turn absolute encoders :
      • Indication of absolute position in one revolution and indication of the number of revolutions
      Encoder-tachometers :
      • Indication of counting and speed of rotation
      Tachometers :
      • Indication of speed of rotation

      Main characteristics :

      • 3 housing diameters: 40, 58 and 90 mm
      • 3 types of shaft: solid, hollow, through
      • 5 shaft diameters: 6, 10, 12, 14 and 30 mm
      • All resolutions: from 100 to 10,000 points
      • Reliability due to in-line differential optical reading (3 heads), excellent tolerance to clogging
      • High performance: max. speed up to 12,000 rpm, accuracy up to 10,000 points, low friction: torque from 0.15 N.cm


      For counting, position, or speed, encoders  count in your control systems

      Robust, reliable, simple to control and set up, these encoders are an ideal complement to our PLCs, variable speed drives or counters.


      • Packaging, cutting machines, robots, cranes, handling, magazine feed attachments, printing industry, continuous processes, conveyor belts, etc