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CM9780 Series

4,096 Input, 512 Output High-Density Matrix Switch

CM9780 Matrix systems provide expanded security camera and surveillance monitor capacities with less hardware.

CM9780 Series
  • Features

    Microprocessor-based switcher/controller, 4,096 inputs, 512 outputs

    The 9780 System is a full-featured video matrix switching control system that allows users to view and control up to 4,096 cameras and 512 monitors on a single node. Expanded monitor capacity in the matrix bay allows implementation of larger systems with a smaller footprint (less hardware) than other matrix systems.


    • Microprocessor-Based, Full Cross-Point Video Matrix
    • High-Density Architecture Supports up to 512 Cameras and 32 Monitors in Each Bay
    • Control up to 4,096 Cameras and 512 Monitors in a Single Node
    • Expand Beyond 4,096 Cameras Using Networked Nodes (up to 24 Nodes)
    • Sixteen RS-422 COM Ports (Expandable to 120) and Two RS-232 Full-Duplex Ports Available on the CPU
    • System Diagnostic LEDs Displayed on Front Panel
    • Flash Technology Eases System Maintenance and Upgrades
    • Logical Camera Selection and Priority Level Operation
    • Multiplexer, DVR, and VCR Control Via Keyboard
    • Built-in Video Loss Detection
    • User-Friendly Windows® -Based System Management Software (Windows 98, NT® 4.0, 2000, XP)
    • Factory Tested Pre-Packaged Systems
    • ASCII Data Input to Interface Access Control and Other External Computer-Based Systems
    • Powerful Macro Programming
    • Remote Viewing and Control over TCP/IP Networks Using PelcoNet™
    • Alarm and Relay Interface to DX9000 Series DVR


    More room for security personnel and more room for everything else you never had room for before.  Up to 24 nodes can be connected in a distributed architecture to expand on the systems overall capacity or to minimize cabling in distributed campus-like environments.


    When the situation calls for lots of cameras, monitors, keyboards and operators, but lots of racks, Pelco 9780 is the solution.