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Varplus thyristor switch

Thyristor switch range From 5 KVAr to 60KVAr

End of commercialisation

Varplus Thyristor switch modules are proposed for switching capacitors without transient currents, normally associated with electro mechanical contactor switching. An unlimited number of switching are made possible, without applying significant stress to the capacitors.

Varplus thyristor switch
  • Features


    • Elimination of Inrush current
    • Compact size
    • Easy installation
    • Status display
      o AC. supply ON
      o Command signal ON
      o Current Line 1 ON indication
      o Current Line 2  ON indication
      o Current Line 3  ON indication
    • Cooling fan runs only when the command signal is made available to the Switch.
    • Over Load trip like over current and over temperature.
    • By-pass contactor provision made available to avoid power losses.
      o Self – Diagnoses
      o Thyristor open
      o Thyristor short


    • IEC 60947-4-3

    Wide Range

    • 5 to 60 kVAr


    • Fast switching for dynamic loads
    • Faster power factor compensation
    • Elimination of inrush current in Electrical network.
    • Elimination of surge current, the life of capacitor is enhanced.
    • Elemination of Inrush current results in elemination of Voltage dips in the system.


    • Highly Fluctuating loads such as
    • Steel Rolling mills
    • Windmill
    • Welding machines
    • Automobile industry
    • Lifts
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