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ArcFM™ Viewer

Enterprise query and display tool

Makes facility and asset database information available, efficiently, to users across the utility

ArcFM™ Viewer
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    Schneider Electric’s ArcFM™ Viewer provides a high-performance, robust query and display tool – without the expense of a full editing package. Utility executives, managers, customer service representatives, and contractors all need the ability to analyze the asset data maintained by the ArcFM Solution. With ArcFM Viewer, utility personnel can view, trace, and query data to help minimize costs and optimize the investment in network facility maintenance and construction.


    Schneider Electric’s ArcFM Viewer offers key benefits:

    • Cost Effective – Offers the power of the ArcFM Solution in a small footprint.
    • Powerful – Allows access to ArcFM Enterprise GIS geodatabase information, along with powerful network tracing and query tools.
    • Convenient – Leverages the same viewing interface as the ArcFM Solution.


    • Locator tools
    • Stored displays
    • Page templates
    • Trace solvers
    • Geodatabase replication