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Easy9 enclosures

Easy9 enclosures

Stylish,easy-to-install metallic enclosures that blend in with any living space, with new design and customizable door

 Easy9 enclosures
  • Features

    •Easy9 range of metallic enclosures is designed for electrical installations for residential and small buildings
    •Attractive color & finish ensures that the enclosures blend in with most commonly used wall shades
    •New design of door knob for smooth and ergonomic operation of door
    •Front face customization gives opportunity for the customer to customize the door and make the enclosures an integral part of the home décor
    •Conforming to IEC 61439-3
    •Comprehensive range with SPN, TPN, VTPN, Phase Selector, Metal enclosures and Plug & Socket units


     • IP 43 for Double door and IP 30 for Single door
    • High quality powder coating for long life and high reliability under the toughest of conditions
    • Optimized wiring space for a clean installation
    • Suitable for surface and flush mounting
    • Cement Spill protector helps avoid entry of dust and cement particles
    • Reversible door
    • Independent center plate
    • Removable gland plates
    • 45° angled hole for easy installation and 1 key hole for easy alignment
    • Cement guiding mark on all four sides for easy adjustment
    • Detachable top and bottom gland plates
    • Unique 5-hole mounting for single-person fixing
    • Simple 3-piece design for quick assembly • Combi-head screws for tool flexibility


     The appearance of this enclosure, its mechanical strength and its level of electrical safety make it a product fully suitable for residential and small buildings.