Category 5e SFTP Patch Cords


• DIGILINK Patch Cord Cat 5e SFTP

Category 5e SFTP Patch Cords
  • Features

    DIGILINK SFTP Patch Cords are electrical cables used to connect (“patch in”) one electronic device to another for signal routing. Patch cords are assemblies of 4 twisted pairs stranded wire cables with modular plugs crimped on both ends. A drain wire helps to complete a proper grounding connection for shielded (screened) version. Aluminum foil and steel wire braiding are provided around four pairs. It allows longer runs with less effect of EMI and RFI.

    • Available in the lengths of 1, 2, 3m and customized length
    • Fully shielded RJ-45 Connector
    • Exceeds Cat 5e Performance
    • Fully shielded RJ-45 Connector
    • CM Rated• RoHS Compliant
    • UL Listed ,ETL verified for Channel
    • ANSI/TIA-568-C.2
    • ISO/IEC-11801


    • Voltage Rating - 72V dc max• Current Rating - 1.5A max
    • Contact Resistance - 15m Ω (max) per contact
    • Insulation Resistance - 500MΩ/km min @ 500Vdc

    • Length - 1, 2 & 3m and Customized Length
    • Jack Contact Material - Phosphor bronze 50μ" gold over 100μ" nickel plating
    • Wiring - 26 AWG stranded bare copper
    • Plug retention force - >50N for 60s±5s
    • Insertion/Extraction Life (Mating Cycles) - 750 cycle min.
    • Overall Shield - Tinned Copper braiding mesh wire, Aluminium / Polyester Foil.
    • Jacket - FR PVC