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EM6438-EM 6436 Dual Source Energy Meter

India’s most sold Dual Source Energy Meter for Utility & Generator Monitoring – LED Display type


EM6438-EM 6436 Dual Source Energy Meter
  • Features

    • Accuracy Class 1.0, 0.5 as per IEC 62052-11/ IEC 62053-22
    • G Smart Sensor indicator for Generator running mode
    • Monitors electrical parameters : Voltage, Amps, F, PF, W/VA
    • Monitors Integrated Parameters :  Wh/Vah Utility & Generator separately
    • Monitors Runhours & On hours Utility & Generator Separately, Interrupts
    • Demand Monitoring 
    • Color coded analog load bar indicators
    • CT Reversal : Auto correction of energy integration in Star (WYE) mode
    • User programmable                                              
              - Delta/STAR/2Ph
              -  PT/ CT primary & Secondary
              - Wh/Vah Billing options
    • Turbo Key for one touch operation & Setup
    • UL, C UL Listed, CE, C-Tick certified
    • Metering voltage inputs range from 80 to 600V ac L-LRS485 communication port with Modbus RTU protocol


    • Accurate Energy Billing for Generator usage
    • Track Generator overloading using Load bars
    • G Smart Sensor supports multiple generator paralleling and Bus islanding schemes
    • Reduce energy costs by tracking energy consumption and backup of integrated parameters
    • Unique 8 Segment, 3 Line LED Display helps  readable from larger distances
    • Auto Scaling Capability in variance of Kilo, Mega, Giga
    • User Selectable default display page through keypad lock
    • Safeguard access to setup parameters with unique password protection
    • Ensure accurate wiring using the terminal board labeling
    • Seamless integration into any modbus compatible SCADA- Energy Management System (EMS)


    • Suitable for dual source  energy  billing for any industry segment
    • Commercial, Residential buildings, Hotels
    • Control Panels
    • Genset Panels
    • Power Distribution Panels