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    TM200HSC206DT Product picture Schneider Electric

    Range: Programmable Controller - Twido

    Legacy Products


    TM200HSC206DT Product picture Schneider Electric
    Range: Programmable Controller - Twido

    Legacy Products


    Modicon M238 logic controller - 4 O discrete - 60 kHz - 2 screw terminal blocks

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    • Main
      range of product
      Modicon M238 logic controller
      product or component type
      Counter module
      electrical connection
      2 screw terminal blocks
      number of modules
      3 counter modules per TM238 base
      discrete input number
      12 conforming to EN/IEC 61131-2 type 1
      discrete output number
      application specific I/O
      Axis following
      Frequency generator
      Frequency meter
      Period measurement
      counting mode
      8 mode configurable
      counter inputs resolution
      31 bits + sign
      counting frequency
      60 kHz
      cycle time
      1 ms
      input compatibility
      2 and 3-wire sensors (24 V)
      Incremental signal encoder with 15...30 V source outputs
      type of cable
      Shielded cable
      isolation between channels and internal logic
      1500 V for 1 minute
      discrete input type
      Auxiliary input (IN_CAP)
      Auxiliary input (IN_EN)
      Auxiliary input (IN_REF)
      High-speed (IN_A)
      High-speed (IN_B)
      High-speed (IN_SYNC)
      discrete input logic
      Positive logic (sink)
      discrete input voltage
      24 V DC
      voltage state 1 guaranteed
      15...30 V
      current state 1 guaranteed
      5 mA
      voltage state 0 guaranteed
      <= 5 V
      current state 0 guaranteed
      <= 0.5 mA
      discrete input current
      >= 2 mA 11 V
      discrete output logic
      Positive logic (source)
      discrete output voltage
      24 V DC 19.2...30 V
      discrete output current
      0.5 A
      load current
      2 A per module
      0.5 A per output
      response time on output
      <= 200 µs energisation/de-energisation
      leakage current
      <= 0.1 mA at state 0
      voltage drop
      <= 3 V at state 1
      short-circuit protection
      Automatic reset after disappearance of fault
      output overload protection
      0.5...1.5 A trip current with automatic reset after fault disappearance, per o/p
      fallback status
      Each channel held at its last value or set to the predefined value (0 or 1)
      Faulty channel set to 0
      load inductance
      L = 0.5/I²F
      load capacitance
      50 µF
      local signalling
      1 display block
      current consumption
      <= 100 mA 24 V DC internal supply
      <= 100 mA 5 V DC internal supply
      <= 2 A 24 V DC external power supply
      mounting support
      35 mm symmetrical DIN rail
      Offer Sustainability
      Sustainable offer status
      Green Premium product
      RoHS (date code: YYWW)
      Compliant  - since  0925  -  Schneider Electric declaration of conformity Schneider Electric declaration of conformity
      Product environmental profile
      Product end of life instructions
      Contractual warranty
      Warranty period
      18 months
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