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The Schneider Electric IT reseller program can help you achieve profitability and give you the tools to provide your customers with a new level of service.

Your customers’ energy costs have the potential of breaking their budgets, which is why they desperately need to cut back on energy consumption without sacrificing the performance of their IT infrastructures and business operations. Providing your customers with services to manage their energy intelligently will set your business apart and give you the opportunity to establish yourself as an energy management expert. And because energy savings and fast ROI are contagious, your customers will want more services, adding new revenue opportunities to the mix.

If you are a partner that is focused on saving your customers money and looking at energy managment then the Schneider Electric™ IT reseller program can help you boost profitability and enable you to provide your customers with a new level of service.

Profitable partnership, fast ROI
Our five-step intelligent energy management approach can help you build a serious energy management practice that routinely saves your customers up to 30 percent on their energy costs. In the initial stages of our approach, your customers can rely on your expertise to make intelligent energy management decisions. Then, you can help them maximize performance and energy savings in the latter stages through continuous energy monitoring services, which creates additional revenue opportunities for your business.

How do you get your customers to invest in intelligent energy management given today’s market challenges? The ROI of intelligent management programs is proven as evidenced in recent case studies. For example, a small financial services company received a $2,500 energy assessment. They then spent $16,000 on their energy management project. Annual savings of $101,000 enabled them to achieve a 2-month ROI. In another example, a large IT client with an energy assessment of $25,000 and project cost of $1.5 million saved $950,000 a year; an 18-month ROI.

Uncover the secrets to energy management profitability! Visit our energy management page for free tips and advice.
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