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    Ecoreal MV: All-in-one medium-voltage configuration software

    Discover our online software that enables Medium Voltage Panel Builders to save time, reduce effort and increase business.

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  • Easily configure your medium-voltage switchgear

    The Ecoreal MV is an all-in-one online configuration and quotation tool that simplifies project management for medium voltage switchgear and components. With a user-friendly interface and project quotations, order execution has never been easier. With Ecoreal MV, you can be more agile, more productive, and achieve more sales.

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    Features and Benefits

    Quick Configuration

    • Reduced risk of errors
    • Easy project management
    • Previous configurations are saved automatically
    • Always up-to-date technical information and pricing
    • Intuitive user interface

    Easy and Accurate Ordering

    • Precise, technically validated Bill of Material (BOM) is automatically generated
    • All the documents you need for ordering, ready to export
    • Save and reuse your projects

    Increase Business

    • Easy to use
    • Always up to date
    • Accurate and error-free BID and BOM documents are generated and can be modified, even at the last minute

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