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    Harmony, obviously!

    Building high-performance machines and panels has never been easier. We offer all the push buttons, switches and pilot lights you need. It's a solution without compromise.

    Sometimes, simplicity is the way to go. Just like Limit switches, One great example of a simple mechanism is a push button, which is nothing more than a simple accessible switch that is designed to be user-friendly. This button can be used for both small and large-scale purposes, which speaks volumes when it comes to its accessibility. Push buttons and signaling devices include a wide range of operators for Industrial and Commercial purposes. Schneider Electric's Harmony range of Push buttons are an innovative range of push buttons switches, emergency stop or industrial remote control for all your applications.


    • Default Alternative Text Robustness - Performance to withstand even the harshest environments
    • Default Alternative Text Modern and affordable design - A touch of style for electrical panels and machines
    • Default Alternative Text Installation savings - Designed for efficiency that helps keep costs down
    • Default Alternative Text Operational efficiency – Innovative features to make operations simpler and more efficient
    • Default Alternative Text A simple selection - Just 100 product references to cover 80% of all needs
    • Green Schneider One icon A single provider - The most comprehensive product range on the market
    • Modern Design How can I make my machine more stylish?

      Harmony Flush, the easy way to enhance the look and feel of your machines.

    • Affordable Price Why choose between design and price?

      Harmony Flush offers both affordable and modern design for your machines

    • Operator efficiency How can I make my machine more efficient for operators?

      Harmony Buzzer brings unparalleled operator efficiency, even in severe environments.

    • Extremely robust How can I optimize my machine for an explosive atmosphere?

      Harmony Explosive atmosphere, a range you can trust.

      Default Alternative Text

      Optimize maintenance cost with Harmony, obviously!

      What if your production line stopped because of a single pushbutton? With Harmony, you get the tools to optimize your preventive maintenance. Learn more
      • Robust in all conditions How can I keep my ship and my harbor machinery at peak performance, in spite of salt, splashing waves, vibrations and constraining certifications?
        Discover a range of push buttons fitting your needs for marine applications.
      • Operational efficiency How do I make it easier to adjust my machines for greater precision?
        Discover Harmony Potentiometer and Timer for easy, convenient setting adjustments to boost your machine precision like never before!
      • A single provider and a simple choice Where can I find the push buttons, switches and pilot lights I need ?
        Discover a unique offer that minimizes the number of references to stock.
      • Faster, easier installation How can I save time on my electrical and control panel installation jobs?
        Discover our latest push buttons designed to help you keep costs down.

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