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    Guiding clients in proactively identifying and managing risk

    Commodity Risk Management

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Balancing risk avoidance and risk acceptance all in order to find out risk advantage. You see the effects market volatility has firsthand, and you've measured the adverse effects to your bottom line as well as the potential windfall. You understand that the other side of risk is reward, but you lack true visibility into market developments and how to best respond.
  • Improving Your Business

    There are numerous strategies and instruments available for risk management. Schneider Electric uses strategic and dynamic risk management as the foundation for client risk management programs. Our Risk Managers work with clients to build a customized strategy based on assessment of their unique risk tolerance. The strategy is executed by utilizing best practices, strong governance, sound reporting strategies and the best team in the industry.
  • Why Schneider Electric?

    • Evaluate current risk management approach and assess risk tolerance
    • Create policy and strategy tailored to the risk tolerance and goals of each client
    • Evaluate and execute tactical hedging decisions
    • Achieve and maintain cost predictability and stability to sustain competitive edge
  • A Difference You Deserve

    • Risk Managers located worldwide covering all major energy markets
    • Dedicated industry expertise and an unbiased approach to client exposure
    • Market-leading risk management tools and robust corporate governance to manage and deliver sophisticated solutions
    • Two decades of expert analysis of gas, oil, power and financial markets
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Commodity risk management is the foundation upon which a comprehensive and fully-optimized energy management is built. Your risk management strategy should align with planning for short and long term sourcing initiatives. New opportunities for energy cost savings outside your traditional energy programs should also be identified.


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    Receive commodity market updates across your organization
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    Communication with our Risk Managers to discuss market developments and how to respond to them
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    Visualize purchasing performance, strategy, current portfolio value and risk exposure
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    Peace of mind knowing your financial goals are actively managed and easily audited
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    Modify your energy portfolio in near real-time as market prices change
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    Provide direct input into your strategy as your organization’s goals evolve