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    Modernization & Upgrade Service Solutions

    Bring your building into the future, optimize systems and operations for peak performance and mitigate unbudgeted repair expenses.

  • Customer Success Story

    The Davis School District in Utah, U.S. is a leader in energy efficiency among K-12 schools. Learn how over 9M sq. ft. were transitioned from the TAC I/NET system to our premier building management system in just hours.

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    Building maintenance, management and long-term planning are complex. Expectations for availability, performance, energy efficiency and security are on the rise at the same time that facility managers are forced to do more with less.
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    Our Modernization & Upgrade Solutions

    Keep your building infrastructure up to date and compliant.

    Why work with us?

    • EcoXpert icon Trusted advisor Simplify planning and budgeting with a single provider of maintenance and energy efficiency services.
    • Services icon Extend Equipment Life Modernize existing or outdated installations with our turnkey solutions and recommendations.