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      StruxureWare Data Center Expert

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        StruxureWare Data Center Expert - Datasheet

        Detailed product brochure for an in-depth overview of StruxureWare Data Center Expert.

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        White Paper #173 Power and Cooling Guidelines for Deploying IT in Colocation Data Centers

        Some prospective colocation data center tenants view power and cooing best practices as constraining. However, an effective acceptable use policy can reduce downtime due to thermal shutdown and human error, reduce stranded capacity, and extend the life of the initial leased space, avoiding the cost of oversized reserved space. This paper explains some of the causes of stranded power, cooling, and space capacity in colocation data centers and explains how high-density rack power distribution, air containment, and other practices improve availability and efficiency. Examples of acceptable use policies that address these issues are provided.

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        White Paper #170 Avoiding Common Pitfalls of Evaluating and Implementing DCIM Solutions

        While many who invest in Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software benefit greatly, some do not. Research has revealed a number of pitfalls that end users should avoid when evaluating and implementing DCIM solutions. Choosing an inappropriate solution, relying on inadequate processes, and a lack of commitment / ownership / knowledge can each undermine a chosen toolset’s ability to deliver the value it was designed to provide. This paper describes these common pitfalls and provides practical guidance on how to avoid them.

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        White Paper #107 How Data Center Infrastructure Management Software Improves Planning and Cuts Operational Costs

        Business executives are challenging their IT staff to convert data centers from cost centers into producers of business value. Data centers can make a significant impact to the bottom line by enabling the business to respond more quickly to market demands. This paper demonstrates, through a series of examples, how data center infrastructure management software tools can simplify operational processes, cut costs, and speed up information delivery.

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        White Paper #161 Allocating Data Center Energy Costs and Carbon to IT Users

        Are complicated software and instrumentation needed to measure and allocate energy costs and carbon to IT users? Or can we get by with simple, low cost methods for energy cost and carbon allocation? How precise do we need to be? This paper provides an overview of energy cost and carbon allocation strategies and their precision. We show that it is both easy and inexpensive for any data center, large or small, new or old, to get started allocating costs and carbon, but the expense and complexity escalate and ROI declines when excessive precision is specified.

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        White Paper #171 Considerations for Owning versus Outsourcing Data Center Physical Infrastructure

        When faced with the decision of upgrading an existing data center, building new, or leasing space in a retail colocation data center, there are both quantitative and qualitative differences to consider. The 10-year TCO may favor upgrading or building over outsourcing, however, this paper demonstrates that the economics may be overwhelmed by a business’ sensitivity to cash flow, cash cross-over point, deployment timeframe, data center life expectancy, regulatory requirements, and other strategic factors. This paper discusses how to assess these key factors to help make a sound decision.

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      Do you need help with a software application, or want to find out more about how to use it?  Check out our online support and community site for instant answers and help with software applications. Learn more
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      • DCIM, the Data Center Manager and the Software Defined Data Center

        The rise of DCIM and the Software Defined Data Center may mean the Data Center Manager will manage IT equipment in the future as the IT focus shifts to abstracted or virtualized IT provision.

      • 10 Real World Scenarios Where DCIM Matters

        Whether you're unfamiliar with DCIM's benefits, or you're already considering implementing it, watch this interesting and informative whiteboard video to learn how DCIM will make an essential difference in your data center.

      • Full Data Center Visibility with StruxureWare for Data Centers

        Reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency and meet reporting obligations with StruxureWare for Data Centers software suite from Schneider Electric.

      • Overcome Big Challenges with StruxureWare for Data Centers

        Data Center Operators: Do you want to drive business performance, while conserving enterprise resources? You can, with the StruxureWare for Data Centers software suite, from Schneider Electric.