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    We integrate Enterprise Software with Grid Automation Systems, Equipment and Devices from field to control center to enterprise.

    Asset Management and Operations

    • Orbit Revolutionary approach to mobile  data collection

      With Orbit, utility field crews can gather data in the field and collaborate on projects mobily.

      Storm damage left electrical pole leaning on and pulling wires, electrical power distribution.


      Traditional utilities must find ways to significantly reduce operational costs. This will be achieved by modernizing business processes, maximizing asset use and optimizing operational productivity.
      Engineer sitting at control panel of nuclear power station, charging station, power management.

      Asset management and operations solutions

      • Advanced distribution management system

        Maximize real-time grid operation making the most of your assets. Find Out More
      • Geospatial asset management

        Make geospatial information available across the entire organization. Find Out More
      • Cybersecurity standards alignment

        Improve grid node reliability while adhering to regulations. Find Out More
      • Asset management and predictive analytics

        Predict asset failure securing safety and reliability. Find Out More
      • Smart grid weather intelligence

        Anticipate weather-related outages and improve forecasting decisions. Find Out More

      Why work with Schneider Electric

      • Graph up icon Make the most of grid assets Extend your network's lifespan with smarter operations.
      • Default Alternative Text Maximize situational awareness Utilize geospatial and asset data management to gain in-depth understanding of your network.