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    For City Governments

Challenges faced by Cities Today

Schneider Electric Technologies Offers Comprehensive Solutions to Address the Needs of City Governments

  • Energy

    • Reliability of energy supply
    • Cost of Energy
    • Distribution Loss
    • Consumption Efficiency

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  • Water

    • Reliability of water supply
    • Cost of Water
    • Loss due to Leakage
    • Water consumption Efficiency
    • Water Incidents

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  • Public Services

    • Public admin efficiency
    • Healthcare Efficiency
    • Information Transparency
    • Criminal Activity
    • Mitigation of weather disasters

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  • Transport

    • Road congestion
    • Accidents

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  • Integration

    • Interconnectivity of City Infrastructure
    • Data Consolidation
    • Holistic City Governance

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    Why do City Governments Work with Schneider Electric?

    • Maximize Efficiency: We maximize efficiency and return on investment for cities through our best-in-class technology proven through decades of experience
    • Collaborative Model: We work in a collaborative model together with all city stakeholders and our deep understanding across multiple city areas enables us to connect the dots across silos while leveraging our world-class expertise in each domain
    • Turnkey Solutions: We deliver turnkey solutions combining both information and operational technologies which are quick to implement and easy to integrate

    Schneider Electric offers comprehensive solutions to help cities:

    • Improve Efficiency: Improve efficiency and reduce operating costs and capital expenditures through decreasing resources usage in electric, gas and water networks, buildings, and transportation.
    • Increase Quality of Life: Increase quality of life to boost city attractiveness and competitiveness through improving reliability of resources supply, decreasing traffic congestion and increasing safety.
    • Eco friendly: Plan, execute and track sustainability progress, reduce emissions through introduction of renewable energies and integration of green transportation.

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