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    Smart City

    The future belongs to smart, connected cities. Our energy and infrastructure management solutions help urban centres become smarter and greener, today.

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  • Smart Cities: Strategic Focus on Real-time Infrastructure Control Systems

    This paper examines the importance of a strategic approach to real-time platforms and flexible operational teams. This helps reduce costs, optimize investments, mitigate emerging staffing crises, and enables a more resilient, efficient smart city.

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  • Today’s Energy Stakes: Schneider Electric’s Response

    Schneider Electric is addressing today’s megatrends: urbanization, industrialization, and digitization, through innovative technology that brings energy efficiency, sustainability, and automation.

  • The Smart City Cornerstone: Urban Efficiency

    Smart cities start with smart systems. The cities that succeed in making the transition to ‘smart’ will be those that improve their critical systems by combining a bottom-up, systems-centric approach with a top-down, data-centric one.

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  • Urban Mobility in the Smart City Age

    Smart mobility -- a more sustainable, intelligent, digital technology-enabled transportation infrastructure -- is the cornerstone to realizing the promise of Smart Cities.

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  • Smart City Customer References

    Learn about some of our 250+ projects worldwide!

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    Cities are challenged by rapid population growth, high citizen expectations, and often severe budget constraints. To satisfy and retain talented citizens and attract jobs and investment, cities need to become smarter: use technology to become more efficient, livable and sustainable.
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    Enter the world of urban efficiency

    Why work with Schneider Electric

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      We enable smart cities through collaboration

      We enable cities to be more efficient, livable, and sustainable. Achieve up to 30% savings in energy consumption through our energy-efficient solutions and services. Improve livability with less traffic congestion and reductions in emissions. Drive sustainability with performance visibility across all city departments, services, and utilities to reduce energy and water consumption.

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      Our 5-step approach to a smart city

      We transform the way cities are designed, built, managed, and renewed through: solutions to cities' immediate challenges, integration for increased efficiency, collaboration to make it happen, innovation to transform our world.


    • Blue earth icon In just 35 years, 66% of the world’s population will live in cities.
    • Blue Energy icon Cities make up just 2% of the world’s surface but consume 75% of global energy resources.
    • Blue partner icon The nexus point for the projected 20 billion connected IoT devices is in our towns and cities.
    • Blue Graph up icon Over the next 40 years we need to provide new urban capacity equivalent to that of the past 4,000 years.
    • Blue lightning icon Cities face an increasing number of safety and weather-related threats over the next 100 years.
    • Blue leaf icon Cities account for 80% of the world’s CO2 emissions.

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