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    Smart Cities: Challenges

    We help cities develop sustainability solutions to address their biggest challenges.

Address Your Challenges

Aging City Infrastructure

Maintain, optimize and improve reliability and connectivity of aging city systems.

Demand for Reliable Energy

Provide reliable energy to meet the demands of a 24x7 society and the wide array of IoT-enabled devices attached to the grid.

Smart Built Environment

Ensure sustainable and efficient smart buildings with available systems that can integrate within other systems. Buildings, offices, hospitals and hotels all benefit from sophisticated building solutions.

Digitization Implementation

Navigate the complexity of smart city technology to enable the implementation of digital strategies.

The age of connectivity is already upon us, and it’s imperative to have our urban landscapes make the most of this developing technology so that they can tackle the smart city challenges of today. After all, it would be remiss not to mention the fact that cities in India aren’t exactly developed properly. In fact, there are a whole host of issues that plague our urban landscapes, which need to be rectified as soon as possible to uplift the current living situation of an entire section of the population. Some of these smart city challenges that need to be tackled are as follows: Outdated city infrastructure Insufficient budgets A requirement of reliable energy sources Acceptance of the digital age Hence, the future belongs to smart, connected cities. Our energy and infrastructure management solutions help urban centres become smarter and greener, today.
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The urban sphere around the globe has induced a need to develop smart cities pan India. To deal with the challenges, technology plays a significant role and acts as a pillar of support in the process of growth and development. Being a technologically sound nation solves numerous challenges faced in the smart city mission. This includes developing societies, empowering in-house production, introducing sustained industrial ecosystem, considering the flow of revenue and employment generation. Schneider Electric India is way ahead in providing smart solutions such as Smart Panels that are robust to overcome the smart city challenges. The company has a vision to stabilise other industries by industry specific automation solutions. It has not only helped reduce the risk due to manual operations but also paced the revenue generation in the longer run.