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    Pumping control solutions

    Schneider Electric is your partner for intelligent energy efficient pumping applications

  • Pumping control solutions made simple

    Discover the MachineStruxure pumping automation solution. It offers a comprehensive library of preprogrammed function blocks that allow for machines to be built.

  • Save with Smart Pumping

    The demand for energy to enable wastewater treatment is expected to rise globally by 44% in 2030? Know how to address this challenge
    You can meet tomorrow’s pumping challenges today
    - Reduce energy consumption and costs
    - Implement smart technologies to improve pumping systems performance
    - Improve water efficiency with advanced system management

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  • Pumping in Smart Solutions

    Intelligent Pumping strategies and disruptive trends in water wastewater industry.
    How “Intelligent Pumping” strategies address disruptive trends in Water Wastewater Industry. Global water shortages, the growth in urban population, environmental regulations, and process inefficiencies are all contributing to a crisis in the water-wastewater industry. Migration to a new “intelligent pumping” approach can help water-wastewater organizations address these challenges.

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  • Schneider Electric Facilitates Engineering of Smart Pumping Solutions

    Discover MachineStruxure solutions for pumping applications to achieve a competitive advantage and business sustainability. Build more flexible, better connected and more efficient pumping systems is easier than you think. Pre-developed architectures, pumping-dedicated function blocks, and remote management all simplify the design, installation, and management of pumping systems.