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    Coordinated servo axes, hardwired I/Os or fieldbus communication

    Simple packaging machines

    Factory workers in bottling plant, food and beverage, manufacturing execution system.


    Simple packaging machines, with or without coordinated servo drives, can be easily automated with PLCs to increase technical efficiency and profit. Automation requires open standards, intuitive engineering tools, and effective communication concepts. Interfaces for vertical integration, or for the Internet of Things, also need to be considered, even for simple machines.
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    PLC-based automation solutions

    Select the most efficient automation solution for your machine.
    • Simple packaging machines with hardwired architectures

      Adapted to machines for shrinking, strapping, banding, bundling, applicators, etc.
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    • Simple packaging machines with increasing demands

      Adapted to machines for dosing, portioning, forming/erecting, filling, closing/sealing, labelling, wrapping, etc.
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    • Simple packaging machines with distributed architectures

      Adapted to conveying or handling systems, machines for forming/erecting, filling, closing/sealing , labeling, wrapping, etc. with modular architectures.
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