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            Sympholux solution enables you to orchestrate optimized light and energy savings via three platforms: KNX, C-Bus & DALI.


            Orchestrate a Symphony of Lux through Sympholux.


            Light energizes yet consumes……….!!

            With light accounting for 30% of commercial buildings electricity consumption, its not enough to change to energy – efficient lamps that will only slightly reduce your power needs. You need to equip your buildings with proven Lighting Control.

            Lighting Control isn’t just about reducing light. It’s about providing adequate lighting when and where required while reducing wastage via an inter-connected microprocessor-based control network. Sympholux enables you to create a Symphony with right lux at the right place and reduce your fuel bills by as much as 60% without compromising on lighting quality.

            What does it do?

            Achieving more while using less:

            • Automatically deactivate lights in unused spaces (Lighting Optimization by Time & Occupancy).
            • Minimize heat from lighting and reduce loading on your HVAC system by dimming lights.
            • Harvest daylight while simultaneously balancing light levels (Lighting Optimization by Daylight).
            • Lighting control at your desk : Individual Lighting Control by Dali Control.

            How does it do ?

            • Centralizes control via different human interface.. . DLT, Touch Screen or Workstation
            • Easy to integrate with other system to provide an effective system solution
            • Easy to change according to building operation and usage changes

            What constitutes the system? 

            Sympholux solution enables you to orchestrate optimized light and energy savings via three platforms:


            The standard in interoperability.

             KNX Assets:

            • Highly reliable and robust, cost effective per-node control
            • Simple commissioning and installation
            • Easy-to-reconfigure distributed intelligent local programming
            • High power and architectural dimming functions\
            • Consistent switch and C-Bus look and feel

            KNX suitable platform

            • Government Building
            • Large Scale Offices
            • Infrastructure

            KNX => Real Time Application

            The Olympic Stadium, Beijing

            The expert in ambience lighting.

            C-Bus Assets

            • Single-system control of lighting and emergency lights from multiple manufacturers
            • Delivers full dimming of ballasts, groups and lines
            • Comprehensive monitoring and energy saving at each device level
            • Simple wiring, configuration, maintenance and reconfiguration
            • Ethernet backbone linking multiple DALI networks into a single system.

            C-Bus Control, the suitable platform for…
            Hotel, Office & Retail

            C-Bus => Real Time Application
            Hilton Adelaide, Australia 

            - Optimizing individual control and centralized

            DALI Made Simple:
            Our groundbreaking Schneider DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) greatly simplifies control and monitoring of electronic ballasts, transformers, LEDs and emergency
            exits, etc.

            DALI Control, the suitable platform for…

            DALI Assets:

            • Individual lighting control of individual workstations
            • Individual device status and energy monitoring
            • Monitoring of emergency lighting fittings



            What does Symholux bring to my building?
            Sympholux enables you to contribute to the ‘green’ revolution while still enjoying life to the full; it enables you to achieve more while using less.
            Sympholux brings the following :
            i.    Achieve ultra-effective operation and management;
            ii.    Enhance comfort, morale and productivity;
            iii.   Create inspiring aesthetics;
            iv.   Being smarter and greener.

            i.  Achieve ultra-effective operation and management- Sympholux is easy to install, use and change. It consolidates all your HVAC, lighting and other needs in one enabling you modify and regroup without the costly, time-consuming and disruptive knocking down of walls or ripping up and replacing obsolete cabling in your buildings.

            ii.  Enhance comfort, morale and productivity: Your business can only ever be as profitable as the people it employs by bringing on-going undisrupted working environment.

            iii. Create inspiring aesthetics through -

            • High Power Dimming: to create lighting effects and scenes in a hotel, shop, bar or a restaurant..
            • Architectural lighting to enhance attractiveness of the building.

            iv.  Being smarter and greener.
            Sympholux will save your company as much as 60%* on operating and maintenance costs by:

            • Automatically deactivating lights in unused spaces
            • Minimizing heat from lighting and reducing loading on your HVAC system by dimming lights and automatically controlling blinds
            • Harvesting daylight while simultaneously balancing light levels and optimizing room
            • Reducing group re-lamping via enhanced lamp failure reporting
            • Simplifying the installation and implementation of flexible, co-operative applications.