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            Advantys STB: Providing dual-port Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP connectivity for the Distributed I/O platform.

            • Enhance product features
            • Support additional device network topologies by providing dual-port Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP connectivity for the Advantys STB Distributed I/O platform.
            • A new Network Interface Module for Advantys STB that provides the daisy-chain and daisy-chain with loop topologies using the Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP protocol.

            New Features

            • 10/100Mbps, half/full duplex
            • Embedded switch allowing (See section Network topologies supported):
              • Star topology
              • Daisy-chain topology (with up to 32 devices).
              • Daisy-chain loop topology (with up to 32 devices).
            • Ability to configure the Ethernet parameters from the configuration SW
            • Capability to store Ethernet parameters like stored IP address, reservation time (etc…) on the SIM card along with the island configuration
            • Ability to clear the stored IP address using the rotary switches
              Improved Web pages
            • Network services for diagnostic and network management: (SNMP)
            • Integration of Advantys configuration SW into Unity
            • Same features as the other STB Network Interface Modules:
              • HMI connectivity on serial port
              • Device integration (ATV, TeSys T/U, valve terminals,…)
              • Up to 32 modules per island
              • Removable memory card for FDR
              • Protection IP20 , Operating @ -25 to 70 Deg C , 5g vibration, 30g shock
              • Major agency certifications available
            • Allows multiple ways to set up an IP address (DHCP, BootP, Web, Advantys SW)
              • Remote configuration of the I/O using the Advantys Configuration Software (Serial and Ethernet)
              • Messaging: 16 Modbus TCP/IP connections max

            Customer benefits

            New device network topologies - Daisy-chain and daisy-chain with loop

            • The daisy-chain architecture addresses concerns for cabling infrastructure cost with the daisy-chain embedded switch.
            • In addition the daisy-chain loop architecture provides two network paths to the STB NIP 2311, when used with the managed ConneXium switches.

            New Product features -Ease of configuration and replacement

            • The user is now able to configure and store the island parameters from the Advantys configuration SW, including the Network parameter, such as the IP parameters and the timeout values. This presents two main advantages:
              • Capability to configure the island parameters from a single interface, the Advantys SW – the Web page configuration is not needed anymore
              • Capability to simply configure the IP parameters using the serial connection, thus avoiding the need for an external address server such as BOOTP or DHCP servers.
            • In addition these parameters can be stored on a SIM card, which allows
              • Automatic reconfiguration after the replacement of a STB NIP 2311
                Fast configuration of identical islands