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About us

                                  Research & Development


                                  In the year 2003, India witnessed Schneider Electric opening its first Global Technology Centre in Bangalore, India. With 460 employees working on product development, and resource enhancement, GTCI’s gamut of activities include research in the fields of electro mechanical design and software development. The innovative  products and technologies prepared at the centre are available in all  markets across the globe. Tasks at the Bangalore Centre are accomplished  in synchronisation with Schneider Electric’s major Design Centre in the field of Power Protection and Control, Industrial Automation and Installation Systems and Control.

                                  Schneider Electric’s R&D in products, software, services and production process involves 6,500 people in 25 countries. Along with having its Design
                                  Centres in developed countries, Schneider Electric has Critical Mass Centres at Monterrey (Mexico), Shanghai (China) and Bangalore (India).

                                  R&D sharpens the competitive edge of the organisation, as it checks and enhances the quality of products, software, services, production processes and communication technologies. Therefore, a large part of Schneider Electric’s sales earnings are invested in R&D every year. Most of the innovations are aimed towards optimising easy implementation and operation, safety, flexibility and enabling products and services to evolve. This effort has gained optimum momentum with Schneider Electric choosing Bangalore, the IT hub of India, as one of the premier centre for global R&D.

                                  Global Technology Centre India (GTCI)

                                  • One of four Global R&D Centres
                                  • Established in 2003 460 employees
                                  • Research in electro mechanical design and software development
                                  • Global innovations application.
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