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Secure Power for Industry & Infrastructure

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Most industrial equipment today is connected and transmitting data for storage and analysis. Downtime is never an option, and robust systems must be in place to ensure your operation is fully optimized, to protect your business-critical equipment and its data, and to comply with ever-evolving regulations. Reliable, available power is essential.



      Schneider Electric offers a complete range of power management solutions to help you maintain the highest system reliability, availability, and efficiency – including a full scope of power protection and cooling solutions for your critical data and equipment. Our UPS, switchgear, and cooling management solutions are fully scalable to meet changing priorities and requirements, and can be deployed in a wide range of businesses: industrial, marine, healthcare, and other critical environments.



          • Healthcare
          • Water Waste Water
          • Marine
          • Airports
          • Subways/Railways


          • Ensuring the highest quality patient care environment is paramount. New technologies like digital imaging, or security-enhancing baby finders, help to reduce errors, improve patient care, and decrease costs.
          • To enable these technologies, healthcare facilities need rock-solid physical infrastructure to keep their critical assets up and running. Equipment must always be available, from patient check-in to check-out. Plus, all solutions have to comply with increasingly strict standards and regulations.
          • To help ensure the availability of business critical equipment across the healthcare environment, Schneider Electric offers a complete line of power protection and cooling solutions: single-phase and three-phase UPSs, as well as cooling systems, all of which strengthen the total reliability of your healthcare facility infrastructure.
          • In addition to our UPS & Cooling Solutions, Schneider Electric has a complete portfolio of solutions for the healthcare industry.

          Secure Power Solutions For Healthcare

          Water Waste Water

          • Water is our most vital and precious resource, and our steadily growing populations mean our water and wastewater facilities play a crucial role in every community. These facilities must simultaneously protect the environment, keep waterborne diseases in check, and provide water suitable for industrial and human consumption.
          • Reliable power availability is key to maintaining the clean, safe drinking water your community needs. The challenge is to meet this demand while also achieving considerable energy savings and meeting operational goals.
          • UPS protection, dependable power architecture, and intelligent power monitoring systems help meet the challenge, and ensure reliability and optimization. Having these systems in place protects power critical applications such as uv treatment systems, valve pulsing in the membrane system, as well as SCADA systems and PLCs in control panels. Keeping these applications 100% operational during power outages minimizes losses and keeps your critical data and equipment secure.
          • In addition to UPS & Cooling Solutions, Schneider Electric has a complete portfolio of solutions for the water industry.

          Secure Power Solution for Water


          • The shipping and drilling industries have two main objectives: increase on board security and safety, and do it faster and cheaper. However, stricter standards make buying processes more stringent, and larger ships increase your need for power availability and energy efficiency.
          • Schneider Electric gives you access to our global network of dedicated marine service engineers: trained, ready, and waiting to respond to your need at major ports around the world. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
          • Whether it’s an off-shore or shipboard UPS solution for emergency lighting and communications, or a SOLAS application designed to meet your passengers’ growing technological expectations, our solutions are guaranteed to meet industry regulations. Schneider Electric has most extensive range of uninterruptible power supplies and critical power solutions—from 1 kVA to MVAs—that the world has to offer your business.
          • In addition to Marine UPS & Cooling Solutions, Schneider Electric has a complete portfolio of solutions for the marine industry.

          Secure Power Solution for Marine


          • From their daily hustle and bustle to the quiet whir of overnight operations, airports truly are 24/7/365 facilities. Passengers rely on smooth-running systems, whether checking in for flights, retrieving baggage, or stopping for a quick coffee. In these conditions any downtime, at any time, is very noticeable.
          • But changes and upgrades throughout the industry place even greater demands on airports’ round the-clock availability. For example, advanced scanning technologies, high-tech access controls, baggage security, and security-related lighting are making guaranteed power availability as critical as airports’mission-critical systems themselves. Without it, down time could halt operations as quickly as a blizzard or tropical storm.
          • Securing power for today’s airfield ground lighting is more critical than ever. Recent ICAO regulations stipulate that the runway light transfer time must be less than one second. Power protection therefore means protected safety.
          • In addition to UPS & Cooling Solutions, Schneider Electric has a complete portfolio of solutions for the Airport Industry.Click here to find out more. 

          Secure Power Solution for Airports


          • Today’s subway and railway systems are more high-tech than ever. As these critical transportation systems continue to expand and modernize, new technologies like digitalization and automated processes mean faster service, safer travel, better security, and fewer unforeseen problems.
          • There are always unpredictable issues – security threats, changing environmental conditions, or service disruptions due to track damage – that can compromise your ability to deliver safe and timely transport for passengers.
          • But you can take steps to protect your most crucial system: power availability. Our UPS protection, dependable power architecture, and intelligent power monitoring systems help you deliver the high levels of power availability and reliability you need for power-sensitive processes, and to help ensure safe subway and railway operations.
          • In addition to UPS & Cooling Solutions, Schneider Electric has a complete portfolio of solutions for the rail industry. 

          Secure Power Solution for Subways/Railways

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